How to Fix a Bad Flywheel

When faced with a broken flywheel, there is no way to repair it per se. You must change it. When buying your new flywheel, you have a few options offered to you.

  • You could go back to your dealer and buy the exact same flywheel that caused you trouble. That way, you’d get a temporary solution, restarting the clock for when the oil’s additives will once more dissolve the epoxy and cause you the same headaches you’re having right now. Honestly, is that how you want to ride? Never knowing if your flywheel is good for the next ride?
  • You could go buy an OEM improved flywheel where the magnets are sealed if such a version exists for your vehicle. That option is sure to solve your problem for a long time, but it will definitively boost up your bill by a few hundred dollars.
  • You could look on the aftermarket side to see other options. For example, you can find an industry praised improved flywheel manufactured by RMSTATOR, the exact one that has been reviewed by ATV & SxS Illustrated. This improved flywheel is designed just like the OEM sealed flywheel, but costs so much less! With this flywheel, you will surely get more bang for your buck and sleep tight, knowing it will be the last one you will install.